In January of 2014, we finished a model straw bale house in Multi-Gardens CDA Sector near Islamabad, an upscale location with convenient access. The design has become our flagship with two bedrooms, a bathroom and kitchen, basic plumbing and electrical, concrete floors and a veranda.

Owner and client: Mohammad Amad, Director of Initiative for Development & Empowerment Axis (IDEA)

Multi-Gardens House
The straw bale walls are being raised and exterior bamboo pins installed. Temporary braces are used to plumb the walls.

MG House 2
Trusses are in place and the jack rafters and purlins are being installed. Connectors and blocking to come.

MG house
The fishing net reinforcement has been stretched up and over the wall and attached to the top plates. The second coat of lime plaster, a mixture of quicklime and sand, is being spread.

The house is finished with a final coat of lime plaster followed by multiple coats of limewash

Multi Gardens Model House in Islamabad – 2013