As of May 2016, PAKSBAB has built 40 straw bale houses in northern Pakistan and has trained about 70 people. Our primary target market is micro- to small-income families. The houses are one-story and range in size from one-room with veranda to 4-rooms plus bath, kitchen and veranda.


PAKSBAB’s houses utilize renewable and locally available materials such as straw, bamboo, wood, clay soil, sand, gravel, and stone, as well as local labor. The site-fabricated bales are smaller than those used in typical straw bale buildings, with reductions in foundation footprint and cost. Other unique features include the use of stone foundations plastered with cement and nylon fishing net that provides plaster reinforcement and ties the foundation, straw bale walls and roof together.

Fabricating Straw Bales
Fabricating Straw Bales


Straw bales suitable for building are not available in Pakistan, therefore we make our own using manually operated farm jacks and locally fabricated compression moulds. The bale dimensions are approximately 1 foot by 1 foot by 2 feet long. Our team is able to produce 15 bales per person per day at a cost of about $0.70 per bale, including straw and labor.